August 30, 2014

Anonymous said: The whole interview with the neighbors of ailina makes me so angry. Yes, what she said was out of line but these girls are constantly being monitored so this threat was obvs out of anger and baseless. For me personally, as a Muslim woman I know all to well about islamaphobic and ignorant neighbors. I don't wear a hajib but I have faced similar scrutiny. My neighbor use to dump garbage on our lawn in order provoke us. By garbage I mean dirty tampons, beer cans, and pork leftovers.

I’m sorry you had to go through that. When other people’s ignorance and blind hatred affects your life, it is particularly aggravating.

As for Bella, Ailina, and Katherine, it’s true that Islamophobia is part of the reason of the animus against them. The other part is that they are related to the men accused of the Boston Marathon bombing, and they have yet to speak up to decry the pain of that aftermath. They don’t have to say that their brothers and husband are definitely guilty, but I think it would help them to say that they are sorry for the victims.

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