August 21, 2014

Anonymous said: I think you might have a thing for jahar because you secretly have a thing for bad boys and you think your life is boring so maybe that's why you have a huge fantasy about him: my other theory is that you have a mother nurturing mindset about him and want to care and help him, but if the latter is the case than that's creepy and some Oedipus shit because you always talk about how jahar is hot. So I hope you don't think of him as your son. *shudders*

You can be a nurturer and a lover at the same time. Don’t worry, I don’t see myself as Jahar’s mother…much less his Jocasta.

August 21, 2014

Anonymous said: u understand that if they hire you they'll teach you all that? They'll teach you how to balance trays and shit

Is that so? I thought that employers didn’t invest in training anymore.

August 21, 2014

Anonymous said: Yeah because when you're 19 and having fun you totally think to yourself "gosh, I'd better not hang out with these people I enjoy being around and having fun with because it might affect my future, gee diddle doo bob" Give me a fucking break. He was a 19yo boy having fun with his friends like TONS of other kids in college. It wasn't his "deadbeat friends" that caused this, it was a misguided notion that fighting violence with violence would change anything. Ya'll be judgmental af sometimes.

Some college students know how to balance work and play. Jahar’s scale weighed more on one side, and so did mine. My mindset in college was that I didn’t go there to party. I sometimes wish I’d set myself free a few times.

August 21, 2014

Anonymous said: Tamerlane did have social media, I believe once a facebook account like his bro, but I think they closed them. Don't know why. That is where he favored videos of the terrorist kind. I don't think he talked much because his English was bad but he still took part. As far as an iphone, a loser on welfare shouldn't have any of that. Get off the couch get a job and give your wife a break! But I am sure they did, this family got it all, school, clothes, food, housing, cars, all free & fucked it up!!!

Tamerlan had a YouTube page where he favorited some controversial (and now deleted) videos. The YouTube commentariat had much to say.

As for the Tsarnaevs “getting it all,” I don’t think an 800-square-foot apartment shared by six people counts as “it all.” They were not consistently on welfare since the day they got here, either.

August 21, 2014

Anonymous said: If you look at the picture of tamerlan from like 2009 with that photo journalist project thing and he's wearing the euro trash cheap fancy clothes he's holding a cell phone but the cell phone isn't like an expensive one like it doesn't look like an iPhone or anything it looks like a basic phone but he's just trying to show off. If you zoom in maybe you could see exactly what phone it is

It almost looks like the Samsung Stratosphere I used to have, but I don’t think that model was available back in 2009.

August 21, 2014

Anonymous said: Didn't Jahar loose his scholarship/financial aide because of his failing? I don't understand what scholarship it was because the one from Cambridge would never have covered books much less a whole yr. I thought the second your grades slip, you loose it so I don't get how he could have stayed at school? Also didn't he owe 20 grand? That could be a sign it was being taken away. He will never pay it back now, that comes from taxpayers once again. LOSER! Should of been given to someone else indeed!

Howie, is that you???

August 21, 2014

Anonymous said: You're giving jahar way too much benefit of the doubt. He had such a great amount of potential and then after high school it all went downhill. Truth be told jahar did a lot of it to himself. He couldn't control his shitty fucked up family but he could've surrounded himself with better people,gone to his classes,not do drugs etc. but he didn't do any of that. There are kids that would have loved to get a scholarship to UMass and it was WASTED on him. What a disappointment.

If he could turn back time, I wonder how much Jahar would have changed in his life.

August 21, 2014

Anonymous said: Have you tried applying for minimum wage jobs? Maybe you can be a waitress or something until you can find a suitable job in your proffered career field. It might seem shitty and it is but at least you'll have some money instead of none. It won't be a lot but it'll be some. I seriously suggest this unless you're already taking this route or something similar in which case keep up the good work.

I have thought about becoming a waitress. But I have zero experience in that profession and I don’t know how to balance a tray with one hand. As for fast food, I worked in a fast-food type job on my college campus and remember burning my arm while frying taco shells. Don’t know if I’d even be hired there, either.

August 21, 2014


Every time I see some SJW complaining on a post that says that hating someone for their race/gender/sexuality/etc. is wrong. 

Pay attention to the last panel. Being in a so-called “privileged” group does not insulate someone from depression.

(via creepypyramid)

August 21, 2014

Anonymous said: Someone here mentioned the company you keep is often a reflection of who you are and with Jahar and his pack of deadbeat dropout potheads, it is true. He shared a dorm room with a guy who was very smart, on the Deans List, 3.7 GPA I believe, graduates each yr with honors, going far, and instead of seeking him as a friend who could at least help him get through his homework, he just goes with losers to smoke and fuck around doing shit. His future basically went up in smoke, pun intended.

Or maybe Jahar just felt hopeless. He didn’t see a great future ahead in spite of his roommate’s good example.

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